Day 2 – 3

After shock

After the shock of yesterday, of course I went on-line to have a proper look at Lymphomas, and rapidly came to understand my foolishness.  I’d forgotten all about radiotherapy and chemotherapy last night. Looking up cancer in a 1978 encyclopedia was a mad thing to have done.  What about all the amazing developments in cancer treatment over the last 35 years?

I spoke to Mum and Dad about what was happening, and to my brother Simon who knew I was going to the hospital.  I called a couple more friends and began to think about how to handle this.  At this stage, with no biopsy results it could be something else, so its hard to know what to say to people.

I think for the next couple of days I just got on with the building works at the studio.  I was in the middle of a 4 month restoration of the ‘flying freehold’ suite of rooms on the first floor.  Floor up, ceilings down, new plumbing and electrics, insulation, making windows, new floors, plasterwork, paintwork, carpentry, installing a bathroom, fitting doors etc etc.  Its a long and involved job and I wanted it done so I can try to rent the studio out for the July and August and make some cash!  Well, that’s been one of the drivers, but I want it done for myself too of course.