Day 5


I’ve had a good sleep and feel ok this morning. The Cocodamol is keeping the back pain in check and I’m going to press on with the building works here at home. I’m going to need my bedroom and bathroom urgently if I’m going to be unwell… And I want my old bus back on the road. My personal ambulance – of course!

I spoke to my friend Dr Saz last night who was concerned by the news but encouraging about treatments and the Treliske team. It was good to talk

I realise I’ve cut myself off from friends for the last 3 or 4 months as I got more exhausted. This has happened without me really deciding, it’s just that I’ve found it hard to concentrate, hard to laugh, can’t really enjoy a drink and my back aches sitting or standing. The last 2 times I had a drink my back pain escalated. Is it linked? I guess this is a test I can do on myself – Double scotch and see what happens!

Anyway this morning there’s a text from Jane L asking how goes it H? Dr Saz may have called her but maybe not. Jane is a close friend I’ve not really seen for some months as I’ve not felt up to getting out. It’s going to be hard talking to my friends about this. Particularly as at this point there’s nothing definite. I’m being assessed for Lymphoma but its just as worrying as if I’d been diagnosed with it, given the minds ability to imagine…

But today I will call some people including Jane. But also John and Martin about the Seafront Forum website I’m supposed to be launching. I’m not sure how I can keep up with that in the immediate.