Day 6 – 8

It’s Monday and I woke at 5.30am.  Mum and Dad coming to see me today they will be upset and concerned.  That in itself is a worry.

Emails from brother Dan and a call from brother Ben. Emotional worried. I try to be rational and calm, which mostly I feel.

I’m feeling ok. I spent Saturday Sunday working flat out on the bathroom building works and making good progress. I find I’m fine during the day not thinking but doing… I also got a coat of paint on the body of the bus which went ok and is a big step on to getting it back on the road.

I get odd lapses into gloom and unreality. Two different things actually. Gloom about what might be coming at me and what life might be like. Unreality which is the difficulty of knowing if this might be happening to me or not.

How do I feel health wise? Not much different – the same old symptoms eczema mild but present, back increasingly sore taking cocodamol 2 – 6 pills a day. Stomach and guts mildly irritated and sore with that gnawing hunger feeling often. Also very windy and rather constipated erratic which is the codeine I think.

Slept ok zonking out at 9.20pm getting into bed at 11.30pm and waking at 5.30am. 8 hours really pretty good for me.

Have to call Treliske re Wednesday appointment and then call my GP to discuss his input.