Day 9 – 12

Well I’ve just been getting on with the building works, mainly painting and finishing off little tasks. I’ve felt ok mostly but am in a limbo land which is pretty weird; not knowing what or how bad the outcome will be.

The appointment with Haematology was cancelled as the biopsy results weren’t in. It’s postponed for another week! This leaves me in a confusing place of not knowing. It’s frustrating and I’ve asked my GP to chase them at Treliske suggesting that they inform him of the results as soon as they know so he can relay them to me and so that when I do meet the Haematology team on the 2nd that we can move on to discuss whatever’s next. He agrees to this and reports back on Thursday to say that the biopsy sample has been sent back to the labs for re-staining or something like that.

Family and friends call occasionally wondering about news and how I am. This makes me have to think about where I’m at, which is good in a way because I’m loosing a grip on what’s real at times.

It’s good to be focussing on the building works and I’m getting some Seafront Forum website work done too. My sleep pattern is odd. I wake at 5am and snooze a bit. Then get up make lemon tea and get dressed lots of layers as it’s still cold in here. I then work on the Seafront Forum website until 9 am, having breakfast of fruit nuts and goats yoghurt in the meantime. I pour hot water from the kettle on the fresh fruit and soak it for a few minutes to warm it up as it’s easier to eat and digest and my hands don’t get so cold!

If I end up getting unwell with the cancer and it’s treatment I hope to continue with the Seafront Forum website. Click here to have a look at the test site. It’s a good thing. And now I’m wondering too about a simple Lymphoma Diary site but I’m not sure about that yet. (these pages were written before I made this Lymphosite…)