Day 20

Richard is coming back today to help finish laying the floor so I’m going to get up now and make a start on the day.

The job went well and the floor is down looking and feeling lovely underfoot.  Still got the steps to build, oiling and the skirtings to fit but then it’s done.  This room is going to be a fine place for rest and recuperation!

Richard has been brilliant.  He said not to pay him but that doesn’t feel right.  In the end I give him what cash I have in my wallet and the two buff coloured candle niches I’d cast up in January.  He seems delighted and messages me on Sunday to say so and how much he was enjoying using them already.

Jane L messaged to say that Cat was having a book launch at The Newlyn Gallery and did I want to come. Richard gave me a lift there at 6.30 which was great as it had started to rain. I bumped into Sam having a fag outside in cheerful mood and walking in found Cat alone on the stairs who gave me a warm welcome thanking me for coming.  We’ve talked a few times about her travel and writing project but I don’t know her well. She was nervous and about to start her performance. “It’ll be fine – all friends here for you…” I said.  She sang her naked songs and read from her book about her extraordinary journey with style and grace. I’m looking forward to reading the book.

I left before the party began as my back kicked in and I’d forgotten to bring any drugs.  Simon had come and he took me home in his car stopping for supplies on the way and I cooked us some salmon for supper.  Still so awkward in his worry for me! It’s going to be alright.