Day 23

Ali came over at 10 and picked me up. She had an a meeting for the cafe at Jam in Falmouth with Mandy and the accountant. I sat in the window and looked up cancer apps, sipping tea. A sunny day and Falmouth looks lovely with all the boats and blue water. I could definitely live there…or have a boat there maybe!

After the meeting we went to the excellent Stones Bakery and bought bread and a cheese scone, and then the health food shop opposite Jam where everyone knew Ali because her cafe Cinnamon Girl was just around the corner.    Bought probiotics and psyllium and glucosamine to counter the effects of the pain killers on my digestive system. And next door in the health food section some organic prunes!  The cocodamol is causing havoc…

The hospital called – Mr Awans secretary to say that there was a cancellation and could I come to Derriford tomorrow for the biopsy chest op on Thursday. Yes of course I could.  Good news.

We then had eggs in the sunshine at Cafe Cinnamon with Milli and Maceo a sprawl of dogs at our feet…I felt pretty odd actually as the certainty of the biopsy operation and the beginning of the serious stuff hit home.  But good to be with Ali and the dogs in the sun. Called Dad to let him know.

Then off to Bodmin to pick up some more natural hard resin oil for my new oak floor and then back to Pz.

Got the next resin oil coat on with Ali’s help and had salmon supper then we both just fell asleep on the sofa, waking just to get to bed…