Day 24


Bad back pains in the night. Took a cocodamol to quieten it down. Trying to reduce the quantity as it affects my guts…  Read for a hour and then slept til 6am. Bright and sunny we took the dogs early to the harbour and Battery Beach – what a lovely morning!

SAM_2613   SAM_2602

Then home for breakfast and pack bags for hospital.   I’m now on the train to Plymouth…

Feeling ok. I’m not sure what to expect from the hospital and 48 hours in the ward. I’ve got books and my iPad. There’s wifi there apparently. I’ve got headphones. I’ll just hunker down.  I’m glad this is happening now rather than another week of waiting.

The hospital is large and navigating it is confusing but once admitted to the ward I’m given a map and sent on a ‘jolly’ for bloods, X-ray, more bloods and and an ECG. After all this running around I get my bearings. People here are very friendly.

I see the surgeon Mr Awan for a chat about the operation and follow up. All good. And then a series of others talk to me briefly, like the anaesthetist. I’m weighed and measured by a nurse, MRSA swabs are taken of nose, throat and groin.

There is no bed available this afternoon so I wait between sessions in the small day room with large windows and nice view of trees.  In the end I’m sent off in a taxi to a type of travel lodge nearby and have a restful evening with a room of my own.  I make a few calls and so on and play with the iPad mini which I have to say is just great.