Day 26

More Bloods.

I wake at 6 and doze til 8. The ward wakes up. I feel ok. Sore to swallow. Lip feels punched. Readybrek for breakfast is good. I eat a pear and half an apple but  it tastes bitter. Clean my teeth.  Chat to the stomach cancer man and wave him off to surgery. He’s worried, mostly about not being able to eat anything for 5 days…I wish him well.

Also chat to one of older guys…

Annie comes to talk to me all well. There follows some confusion over whether I need to wait for more bloods. In the end I do and now I’m dressed and waiting for the results. And Dad is on standby to collect me.

I start to work on another Chemohead and the Lymphomas track, about having a general anaesthetic before going into the operating theatre – here it is:


Eventually it’s decided by the registrar that I do need more bloods so they’re taken and I get up and dressed. The results finally come in about 1pm and I’m free to call Dad

It’s been a good hospital trip I’d say.

An afternoon in the sun up at Gunnislake with Mum and Dad. Lovely to be there. I write a few text messages to London friends to let people know.  Teresa calls but I have a terrible coughing fit, all the time saying “I’m fine!”  I decide I’ll have to have some voice rest and M and D make it easy. Watch some TV and bed at 10. Out til 3 then awake til 4. Sleep til 6 ish and the dawn chorus just finishing