Day 37

I’m feeling ok.

I got up planning to get on with the plumbing works, but had discussed it with Alison before who urged me to call David, the plumber who helped with the Dog and Rabbit cafe.

I did so, and David answered and agreed to come over later in the morning. I lifted some floorboards so that we can see what was what. He arrived at 11 and got straight into working out the best thing to do.  Really really helpful. We’ve made a plan for the new pipe connections and zone valves needing fitting to make a fully controllable system here. He will come on Monday first thing and make a start. David called his electrician friend Paul who will come on Tuesday to wire up the controllers.

I am so relieved. The last week’s been difficult, even the smallest exertions make me feel exhausted and I break out into a sweat. It’s been difficult to finish the building works and this last stage seemed overwhelming.

So yesterday after David left I had some lunch and went to bed. Exhausted. My back and legs aching and feeling just very very tired.

After a snooze I caught up with some emails, Karen and Chris and others. Comfortable in bed having taken some ibuprofens for my back. There seems to be a lot to organise and I’m not really making much progress. I haven’t done the reading I want to do. I haven’t made the website I want to make to communicate with my friends – a Lymphoma diary website or something. It feels like everything is sliding.

I called Romney and left a message in the afternoon but haven’t heard back.

Jane Lishman called by for cup of tea. Chatting away. It always nice to see her.

Getting to be a lot of phone calls some of which I just had to leave. Billy called which was nice. He is back from his trip to Spain where he and Justine and the children had a great time by the sounds of it. I’m looking forward to hearing all about it he said that it would be good place for me to go to rest and recover.

Graham and Ruth came over about 7.30 carrying supper; lots of lovely pasta and cream and cake, sinful but I enjoyed it! We had a good chat, hearing all about their couple of months in Italy, skiing massive amounts of snow lots of food and Graham managing to compose a bit. They were keen to know about my health and we talked about that too of course. I showed them the Seafront Forum website, and had a rant, showing them the latest awful proposals. I also mentioned the idea of an auditorium for Penzance and not quite sure what they made of it.

Graham Waldren called round carrying a 2 m length of stainless steel wood burner flu for me so that I can connect up my wood burner in the bedroom. Nice one Graham! And Simon dropped in too, carrying a box full of potted succulent plants from Mum. And some Easter cake…

Quite a full on day.