Day 39

All change.

Wrote up yesterday’s diary entry after a short nights sleep. I’m more calm now having got it down, but I’m not sure what I’ll do with it.

Ok it’s late afternoon and everything has changed.

This morning Caz MacMillan nurse called just after I wrote the entry for Day 39, and explained that Dr Kruger would like to see me today with the aim of starting treatment next Tuesday. Wow! Rapid movement suddenly! I reshuffled things in my head. Yes, I could do it. Lots to do but possible. I didn’t mention my Brentuximab¬†concerns but did print out my diary sheets for them.

Rush around! Bank for cash… Phone calls…packing bag for today and tomorrow in hospital…take delivery of the new curtain rail seconds before leaving…

Romney calls and this is very helpful as she explains more about the clinical trial and importantly about the effectiveness of the standard treatment programme and the unknown side effect issues of Brentuximab. I’m much relieved.

Teresa arrives at midday as planned and we go to Chapel house to meet Susan¬†¬† Nick joins us there and we get the tour. It’s all looking exciting and S is great. I have to leave them to catch the train to Truro after 1/2 hr but they’re happy. I’m sorry to miss the lunch at Tremenhere…

Spend the afternoon with Dr Kruger, Caz, Siobhan and the haematology team. A new CT scan, ECG check, weighed and measured, blood tests and filling in consent forms. Dr K explains the chemo process which I record and he’s happy with that. Dad will enjoy listening to it! Talk diets with Caz who says keep it simple eat healthy and plenty. She’s not keen on the alkaline diet thing. But rhubarb grapefruit and green tea are out each side of chemo sessions!

I’m out by 5pm and catch the train to Liskeard where Dad will meet me…