Day 40


Woke in the night at 2.30am, mind whizzing over what’s going on.  Read a bit, sleep a bit more, get up at 6.30 and drink hot water.  No breakfast this morning before the PET/CT scan.  Dad and I set off at 7.15 to be sure to be at Derriford in time.  The mobile PET unit is there, and I’m expected.  All goes well, and the PET trailer team are friendly and efficient.  After having the radio isotope sugar solution injected I sit quietly for an hour listening to music and reading the notes about the Clinical Trial I was given yesterday. The radioactive sugar solution is brought in in a special flight case   It’s in a stainless cylinder nestled in foam and the case is beeping a warning! The scanner man attaches it to the cannula in my left arm and slowly pushes it into my vein. I ask him about the little air bubbles that go in too. He explains that they just get absorbed and you’d need a whole syringe of air to cause problems.

I have to sit quietly for an hour. The armchair is blue and comfortable and I listen to some Be Good Tanya’s on the ipad which have become part of the soundtrack of what’s happening at the moment. I also fill in a feedback form saying all good for the trailer team but a poor experience with the appointment service…

Then into the scanner room, and have to lie still in the bed with my arms over my head as I’m moved back and forth through the scanner ring for 20 minutes or so.  I get a cramp in my right arm and ease it by lifting the arm a bit, hoping it doesn’t affect the scan.

It’s all done. I thank the guys and go and find Dad in the car park.

Back to Bittams – I scoff fruit and nuts but feel a bit nauseous too.

Simon arrives in his van and after lunch we set off on the drive to see Dan in Coventry and collect the bed base and crazy lymphomahead eBay purchase of the massage chair!

The countryside looks wonderful vibrant greens of spring and new leaf. Bright sun and occasional downpours. We hit very heavy traffic south of Gloucester. As always I’m stunned by the number  of vehicles. This happens every day up here just sheer weight of traffic, and in my little Penwith world I never see it…

We dive off onto local roads and I grapple with the Gps to get us to Redditch with Si driving cool and steady. All goes well and we pick up the massage chair having had fun trying it out. The people selling it are sweet and caring.

Then onto Coventry and here’s Dans house! It’s good to see it all, where he lives and all the work he’s done to make it a home.