Day 41


Woke at 4.30am (as usual!) and couldn’t sleep again as my brain started up and thinking about everything to get in place.  Slowly became aware that I was in a strange bed, up at Dans of course.  It’s very quite in Edith Road at this time.  Actually I did doze a bit more.

Dan made scrambled eggs for Simon and I, and over breakfast Dan was talking about his flapjack making.  He’s got big plans! And he started to wonder about websites, so I said I’d show him what I knew and what I’d been learning about WordPress.  We looked over the 1&1 service provider website and checked some domain names and hosting packages for him.

Jason the guy selling the adjustable bed called having ended up in Solihull using his GPS! Well, he turned up soon after and was super helpful unloading the bed which he’d dismantled carefully and helped load it all into Simons van, giving us lots of old curtains to wrap it all up with.  Thanks Jason!

After lunch Si and I set off again for Mum and Dads. Back to Bitthams, back to Cornwall. I’m feeling pretty whacked and doze in the van on and off. Just can’t keep awake it’s painful. It’s an easy trip back just over 4 hours, and I go to bed on arrival for an hour before supper.