Day 42


I’m at Mum and Dads a bit bleary after another early waking, but I’ve been making the best of it and have set up this Lymphoma Diary website.  This is the first test post, but I’ll update all the previous Day posts when I’ve got some time.  I’m interested to see how quickly I can create this website using the skills I’ve acquired since January and making the Penzance Seafront Forum website and getting my head around WordPress.

I’m trying out a good looking and flexible theme called Hueman, and so far so good.

I set up the basic functionality and add test posts for Days 41, 42, 43. Interesting to see how this Hueman theme works. Nice.

After lunch Si drives me back to Pz where Billy helps us unload the furniture. He has to run though as his partner Justine is also having a cancer battle and is in hospital. It’s suddenly all around us this thing.

Si stays on to help shift furniture, figuring out how to dismantle the base of the massage chair so we can run it up the stairs.  he’s brilliant, carrying on while I flag. Then he works with me to clear the decks and lift lots of floorboards so the plumber and electrician can get on with the job of completing the central heating works next week.

Alison comes over with some dahl from the cafe and we eat it with brown rice and cabbage from the garden. Good food!

Si heads home and Ali and I try out the massage chair. It’s preposterous! But actually pretty good too.  The tension in my back disappears but it’s like being pushed around by a robot that’s much stronger than you, which I guess is what it is!