Day 43

Pipes and wires.

Up early to prepare for plumber David to come and start the final connect up of the new central heating and zone valves etc. As always, job has expanded a bit as I want to sort out the mess of pipes under the lobby floor, remove an unused radiator in the lobby and fit a new one in The Box.

David arrives and gets stuck in – brilliant to have him here! Alison and I move beds around and take all my clothes upstairs so the downstairs bathroom walk through cupboard can be taken apart to allow the new electric cables to be run.

There’s a lot to do, for me mostly sorting out cable runs and putting in roomstat cables for Paul. Also fitting the radiator in the Box. And consulting with David as required. Also ordering a mattress for the new bed.

Jane McL comes for lunch and brings Jemma with her is is going to come a do some cleaning. We plan she comes a week Tuesday for a day to blitz it, and then periodically after that. That’s going to be a great help.

The day goes on and on, and by 5pm I’m whacked and feeling rough and sweating. Tea in the last sun on the garden helps, and I tackle the seagull nesting issue by calling up my neighbour Stuart and explaining what’s going on with me and why I’ve not been able to deal with the nests this year. He responds well and I think he’ll get one of his boys to sort it out. Good news!

Si comes over with chainsaw and loppers to tackle the oak tree felling. Makes a good start but it’s too late to fire up the chainsaw really so will come back tomorrow maybe to finish it.

It’s all happening. There’s still much to do to prepare for the electrician in my absence so Si pitches in and helps running some cables, and I put up a board for the controller and connection boxes for the central heating…

Finish the work day at 8pm. Too long a day for me and I feel battered. Marta came by to talk about getting my medical reports etc for the people at Institute Khuab in Barcelona.  But it’s too hectic to talk. She kindly offers to make supper for Si and I but in the end I’m too exhausted to face having to talk at all, so Si heads home and I eat the second croque Monsieur that Ali brought over from the cafe with a pile of potatoes and beans, and collapse into bed.