Day 45

Morning after.

The day after my first chemo session, I’m awake early and it must be the stimulant effect still running in my veins but I get up at 6.30 my brain running on all the things to do before the electrician returns.  The fact he didn’t start the job yesterday means I can sort out what I really wanted regarding positioning the central heating programmer instead of the panic decisions of Monday.

So, cup of hot lemon water and my anti nausea drugs and anti inflammatories – I’m feeling a little sick, but then I’m cutting floorboards and plasterboard for the cable runs, power tools running, sweat running, adrenaline running but I’m feeling ok and happy to be doing this.

Paul the electrician arrives just as I’m done, and he’s terrific, just getting on with it and making a tidy job just as I like.  He and David have been fantastic.  I re-wire the upstairs bathroom feed with some advice from Paul and I’m done, and rather done in. It’s midday.

Alison’s been in and out doing errands and making us tea, and then drives me to Treliske for the follow up blood tests required for the clinical trial Arm A. Siobhan is there and takes minutes to pull the bloods and then sorts out my travel expenses which I didn’t know I could claim. That’s a help though. She’s so helpful and calm.

Then back to Penzance, calling in at the builders merchants to make some returns and a quick supermarket stop to get supplies.  Bump into RL and have a little chat – he’s out with his wife whose not well and I don’t burden him with more. I’ll catch up with him another time.

Back home and it’s getting on into evening. Paul has finished and left it all tidy. Nice job. I do a quick set up on the CH programmer and hey hey heat and hot water again!

So now finally I get to try out the massage chair, that Lymphohead folly purchase I made to give me a boost and made the mad drive to Coventry with Simon last weekend for. And Yes, it’s pretty good; takes the tension out of my spine and neck and I feel good after my 15 minutes! I really didn’t know if it would help. It made me laugh as it pushed me around and kneaded and pummelled and pulled. Mmmm, fun! There’s a couple of problems with it though which I’d not noticed or been told about by the eBay sellers so I guess I’ll have to contact them. Not today though.  And they were nice too so I’m sure well sort something out.

Ali tries it out the massage chair too, going for the full laid put posture and music playing on the headphones…cool!

Then I get the woodburner going and Ali cooks some sea bass, potatoes and cabbage from the garden and we watch episode 2 of ‘Breaking Bad’… What a nuts story! But it’s good. The main guy, a chemistry teacher, is diagnosed with lung cancer and given 18 months to live with chemo.  He flips out and hooks up with a retrobate drug dealer ex-pupil to make some fast drug money to care for his family, a disabled son and another child on the way, it’s high octane horror but hilarious too…recommended viewing for cancer sufferers and their family and friends.

(It’s only available on Amazon Instant Video I think)

It’s been a pretty full on first day after, and I’m very tired but happy.  I’m so pleased to be into the treatment.  Is it possible that I feel better already? I guess it’s just the relief to be on the programme, and I’m under no illusions about the possible problems that might come up at the treatment continues.

Remember to take my anti drugs ok. Then sleep sleep sleep…