Day 46


I spend morning enjoying the incredible comfort of the adjustable bed and it’s news memory foam mattress. I feel like I’m floating, I’m sure it’s still something to do with drugs. But I feel more comfortable than I have for years!

Well in truth I feel a bit sick, I’m taking the anti nausea tablets and steroids anti-inflammatories. But it’s good to be comfortable and have my books and things around me be sitting up in a very comfortable bed. This is rather a novelty for me I never hang out in bed I’m always up early Always rushing around. I could get used to this. And may have to…

I have a lunch fresh eggs from Jane L’s parents farm in Devon with salad from the garden delicious. And then catch the train back to Treliske, and the hospital, for more blood tests. She born does her painless thing taking the blood samples, and then sorts out my travel expenses which is a real bonus. Today the transport all works out very well being able to catch the London bound train to Truro and another first great Western train back to Penzance so very comfortable and all done in three hours.

Marta came over about 530 to talk to me about Institut Khuab in Barcelona. Before she moved here to Penzance Barcelona was her home, and she worked as a nurse there. Two of her friends had cancer, and received excellent nutritional advice from the Institute Khuab which they believe really assisted their recovery and ability to cope with the chemotherapy. It’s definitely worth making some enquiries.

But actually what really happened is that Marta who had been working all day and complaining of backache had a go in my massage chair and got a thorough working over! It seemed to do the trick. The massage chair is a real folly, a pre-chemo head eBay decision, but it is actually pretty good, and takes the knots out of my back. Although I can see that actually going to see my home carers who get the most benefit…

Soup and sleep.