Day 48


I think I’ve had about 4 1/2 half hours sleep, it’s really not enough. I’ve got a stomach ache, and I feel whacked. I spent all morning in my day bed. I am comfortable but spaced out. I tinker with the computer a bit and at some point had another sleep.

I got up at lunchtime not exactly feeling hungry but needing something. I set out into Penzance and bought fruit and vegetables. I’ve been thinking about Elizabeth’s meat and fish stocks so decided to try and buy some fish bones, but the local fish boutique only has fillets. Anyway I bought some haddock and back home fried it with some potatoes and a big pile of salad from the garden, and sat outside in the sunshine eating it. Sprinkling paprika on the fish was a good move, and the zing cut through and brought the food alive. I suddenly felt a great deal better!

I felt so much better that I decided to tackle the chaos downstairs with all the lifted floorboards and exposed piping and electrics the piles of books, clothes and piled up furniture. I made pretty good progress, and the floors are now back down, the furniture back in its place and the books waiting in piles to go back on the shelves. I hoovered the sofa chairs and tables and cut through the piles of dust on the floor. Then I found a cardboard box and put all the bits and pieces that I couldn’t find a home for into it and shoved it along with everything else into the front studio to be dealt with later.

Iain and Gillian are visiting Jane in Mousehole. They come over at about 8 o’clock and we order a takeaway curry, some of which I can taste, and have a very nice evening.

Cancer diet – I’m doing some reading and thinking about this, but at the moment the main thing is to just EAT.