Day 49

A day out.

Feeling toxic on waking. Ache in my guts. And my back pain is creeping in. Interesting it had gone away for a while… Whilst on the subject of older symptoms the short dry cough I had has almost completely gone. And I’m wondering if the eczema on my legs is drying up. I think it is. Can the chemo drugs really work that quickly? I guess these symptoms are just the tips of the iceberg really, the surface expression of a deeper problem that will take a lot longer to solve. I haven’t had a night sweat recently either, but to be honest I’m sleeping so badly that I’m hardly down long enough.

This morning I managed to make sense of my breakfast. Having lemon tea to start the day, followed by juice with various supplements added, followed by a bowl of porridge with blackberries and banana and honey.

Well, the sun comes out and it’s bright and warm by 10 so I decide to get the motorbike out and head over to Cafe Dog and Rabbit for a second breakfast. It’s good to be out on the bike, feeling the breeze and zooming over the moors to St just. Hmmm, I might be overdoing it, when I get there I feel achy and confused. But I arrive at a good moment as the kitchen has just finished a big round of breakfasts, so Ali is able to make me poached eggs on toast. Delicious eating in the sun in the yard.

Restored, I head over to Gulval and the barn, to have a look at the old bus. I catch up with Mark who as always is working away this time still clearing storm damaged trees from the track, and Noelle is back from her 4 month stint sailing on Holly Mae in the Caribbean. Joff starts his return trip across the Atlantic any day now leaving from Antigua to the Azores. It’s great to catch up with the news and see some photos and video of the sailing over there. My three weeks on Holly Mae in October between Madeira and the Canary Islands was a big highlight of last year, a pinnacle of health and happiness before I started to get unwell really. I resolved to get my little dinghy back into the harbour… Get back on the ocean!

The sun still shines, so I hook up with Ian and Gillian and Jane at Tremenheere Gardens for cup of tea. Sitting out in the sun again. And then head home for a couple of hours in bed before Keith comes over at 8 to take me up to Bodrifty where Susan is making supper. As always she makes fantastic food for us and Pat is there too so there is a lot of conversation about Penzance planning and future… It’s good to catch up with it all, but I’m not sure how much I can contribute at this point. As the evening progresses I get really cold, my thermostat isn’t really working so I end up wrapped in blankets. But it’s a good evening and has been a long and sociable day which I’ve enjoyed all though it’s been pretty tiring, and I’ve probably overdone it.