Day 50

Anti Cancer.

Feeling sore with stomach ache and an ache in my legs.

Feel better after juice and hot lemon water. Then rice flakes banana and blackberry porridge.

Spend the morning in the my day bed under the skylights reading and writing up the diary.  I complete adding the earlier pages, tweak the style a bit and add some images. Some of the earlier pages need modifying too to make sense of them. I think it’s a worthwhile thing to do, even if it’s just for me.

Iain Gillian and Jane come over about 11 bringing food for a late breakfast.  We make scrambled eggs and coffee and Yannoh for those who can’t.  Iain has a long and fun story about his American Citizenship but at the end my back is sore and my legs are jumping and I have to goto bed again. I sleep for a bit while like angels they quietly clear up the kitchen and cooker top and let themselves out to catch their train back to London. I wake just in time to wave goodbye…

Spend a while reading the Anticancer book. It’s good.  At some point in the text he refers to a video on YouTube which I can’t find but do find a lecture by the author which is very good.


I love the plate of mediterranean food! Its pretty obvious that this is the way to go for me. Omega 3…

I manage to do some more tidying up post building works and got the store cupboard back together. Try out the linseed floor cleaner…nice! There’s 10 years of dust in here…be great to have Jemma come and help take control of it.

Ali comes over and makes haddock supper…