Day 51

The Big Clean-up & Reiki.

Body just aching this morning all over. Eyes aching. A week after the first chemo shot I’d hoped to feel more comfortable but instead it just seems to change shape each day.

Bright sunny morning. Ali, Milli and I go to Marazion for an early walk. Lovely light on the sea and picking out Pz amongst the low mists…

Busy morning with Jemma arriving at 9 and getting stuck into the big clean. Plumber David arrives too to flush out the central heating system and fill with inhibitor.

I do a bit of organising people and then start the enjoyable job of putting books back in the bookcase.  All my art books. There are some interesting ones and it makes me wonder about making again, makes me wonder about where to put my energy.

Jemma is doing a fantastic job, it’s a joy to see the floorboards shine and the dust and debris disappear. Ali and I roll up the big carpet and put the studio into summer mode. The back door is open, the sun is shining, fresh air flowing in. It’s all good.

I’m determined to make fish stock, following Elizabeth’s advice.. So Ali and I head down to the new fish shop near the station in Penzance. What a beautiful shop! We buy some mackerel for lunch, and two red snappers for a soup and the lady gives me two huge hake skeletons and and heads to make the stock with. Fantastic!

And what a delicious lunch, fresh mackerel fillets fried with garlic on a pile of salad from the garden…the best meal for a long time.

In the evening, Jane McL takes me to see her Reiki healer. It’s a drop-in session at the natural health clinic in Penzance. And it’s an interesting experience.  There are six of us waiting to see the healers, and there is a cheerful banter as they all know each other. The two healers are middle-aged, Michael and Lizzie, although I think I’ve got their names wrong. I don’t know what to expect, but Jane and another lady going to see the healers first. Then it’s my turn and Michael comes to get me. We have a brief chat about why I’m there and what Reiki healing is about. Then I lie on my back on a massage bed, eyes closed and follow some deep relaxing breathing instructions. Then Michael gently cradles the back of my head in his hands and just hold off the pillow. I can feel a growing growing warmth from his hands and let myself relax. After a while he lowers my head and places his hands over my ears for a few minutes and then the palms of his hands over my eyes. This feels very good to me as my eyes have been aching all day. I soften and relax, and think about my breathing. I still closed. He then moves around me, placing his hands on my belly and side, my thighs knees ankles shoulders and arms. The warmth from his hands stays strong and comforting.

I feel very relaxed, peaceful, I’m not sure what’s happened. He eases me up from the bed, and has me sit with my feet on the floor and talks about rooting from my feet into the earth and then pulling the roots back in to myself to ground me. He asks if I felt anything else besides the heat, but I’m unable to say. I explain that I think my body is so full of toxic chemicals which are affecting my nervous system that I’m perhaps not as receptive as I might be.

Payment is by donation, and I thank the two healers and say goodbye to the other healing group members, and walk home.