Day 52

Cleaning up.

I woke up feeling okay. No sickness, and no aches, the first time since receiving the chemo shot. So, is that a result of the Reiki? Or is it just the term of the drugs, and that by day 9 I’d be feeling alright? Well, we’ll have to see, but I can’t dismiss the Reiki out of hand can I? Jane McL calls later in the day, and asks how I’m doing and what I made of the Reiki. I tell her I’m feeling better but wonder about how come…

“Of course it’s the Reiki you idiot!”

It’s a good day to feel better though, as Billy comes over to help shift the building rubble sacks from the garden. I drive over to the barn in the Vitesse roof down sun shining to collect the trailer, while Billy ferries rubble bags out to the street. We then load and I guess over-load a trailer and set off to St Erth. The engine is complaining a bit, but what’s more worrying is when we turn off to the tip in St Erth the smell of burning rubber catches up with us.  Someone hoots their horn as they pass. Well, with the tip so close we should just carry on, so we do. When we get to the tip waiting in the queue I get out and investigate. The near side wheel on the trailer is canted over and rubbing badly on the chassis. The rubber is very hot. Anyway, we drive into the yard and unload all the stuff. What to do about the bent wheel? We decide to tip the trailer on edge so the weight of it bends the wheel back down and it works, the wheel clears the chassis. By the time we get back to the barn in Gulval the wheel is rubbing again. That’s the end of play with the trailer for today.

We do the second rubbish tip run just with the car, loading up the boot and the back seat to the limit. We set off with the roof down, and the drizzle just coming in but soon the sun comes out again.

A big salad lunch in the garden with Billy in the sunshine. It’s nice to see all the rubbish gone and good to catch up with B.

I’m feeling pretty tired after the morning’s exertions and take it easy for the rest of the afternoon.

Oh, and I bought a water filter jug and a water filter kettle. I think the water here is pretty good but I guess there’s still chlorine and other chemicals in it and it would be good to take that out. It feels like every little bit helps. It’s like choosing between organic fruit or vegetables and non-organic. The main thing is to drink water and eat lots of fruit and veg, but if you can reduce the chemical burden that’s got to be a good thing. And knowing that the water in that jug is filtered and pure just makes you want to drink more water. Put a slice of lemon in it, drink more water.

It seems to me that there are two things going on with food and diet. One is to create an environment which discourages the growth of cancer in the body, and the other is to accelerate the acceptance of the chemo chemicals between sessions so that I have more good days than bad.