Day 54

Plugging in and pissed off.

Woke early again but no surprise there. It’s actually really nice to wake up with the dawn, so quiet and peaceful just the odd screech of seagull and the cooing of the collar doves, that pair are still around somewhere which I’m pleased about.

I’m feeling pretty good, no aches no nausea and I feel like it’s going to be a good day.

Spent quite a lot of the morning working on this diary, tidying the earlier posts up a bit. I think it’s more or less readable now. I’m also looking into how to embed videos but haven’t got a simple answer, YouTube maybe.

I spend a bit of time in the kitchen too, reorganising the worksurfaces so there is room to actually cook. I’m getting more focused on food, and actually learning to prepare and cook food in a way I haven’t done before, to actually give it some real time, and think ahead a bit. I’ve never made time to soak pulses overnight or prepare a marinade or make a fish stock for instance.  And I admit that frequently in the past have relied too heavily on pasta and sausages. So this is another thing that is going to be happening over the next six months…

Jane McL pops round at lunchtime and I’m eating eggs on toast with a big green salad in the garden. Lovely sunny cloudy day. We have quite an intense chat about levels of care amongst other things. There is a practical and pragmatic side to it of course; I need help or will need help and certain things need to be put into place. But there is also an emotional side to it, emotions running all around, love and friendship get confused, and on top of that I find it difficult to ask for help. Jane’s been brilliant, and her energy really kickstarted me into engaging with diet and supplements and an approach to complimentary medicine. I’m extremely grateful. It’ll all be okay, I just need a bit of space to get it together.

After lunch I decide to stay in the garden and do some weeding, some of which gets quite strenuous as i tackle the run away shoots at the base of my bay tree which have clogged up valuable growing bed. And I pull out all the pretty weeds as they are growing the base of the little apricots tree. I think I’m going to put parsley and coriander in these little beds like a carpet. I see my potatoes are coming up!

Stir-fry supper five different vegetables and half a chicken breast light on the soy sauce and a slice of toast with the black bean very garlicky pate I made this morning with flax oil on top…

In the evening Paul Lewin comes round with some bags of tricks and toys. We going to try and get Garageband working on my iMac and plug in my electric guitar! Playtime! After the usual age of frigging about with wires and incompatibilities it actually all works… thanks Paul, this could be fun. I haven’t really played guitar for years having switched to mandolin but I’ve still got my old Hohner G2 travel guitar which I bought in the 1980s when I was working on the oil rigs. We get it out and dust it off but it feels pretty clunky in my hands. It’s about the same size as the mandolin and I’m looking forward to reacquainting myself with it. And now it’s plugged into  Garageband you can access a huge array of amps and effects pedals…crazy…feels like being a kid again.

Pissed Off

And this morning I did a pH test on my urine and here are the results.


Hmmm, nice!  But I’m a bit disappointed to see that my pH level is around 6.5  This is on the acid side.  7 is neutral right?  I guess I’d hoped for neutral given the ‘detox’ diet that I’ve followed since January (okay not quite religiously but… no caffeine/ no alcohol/ no cows milk products/ very little white flour/ very little sugar/ low salt/ lots of brown rice/ lots of vegetables/ lots of fruit/ fish and chicken/ very little red meat.)

I’m not sure what this means.  I might do this test each day for the duration of the next chemo session, starting on Tuesday, to see if the chemo makes any difference to my body pH.  I don’t know.  What I have picked up is that an acid environment in the body encourages the cancer cells to grow, and what one wants is an alkaline state.

‘At rest, the normal blood pH of a human being is slightly alkaline, with a pH around 7.4 on the pH scale. Anything above that value is considered alkaline; anything below is described as acidic. Both, in their extremes, are life-threatening for the human body; if the pH value drops below 6.8 or increases above 7.8, the cells of the body cannot function properly anymore and the human will die.’

I’m going to have to read more on this.

Click here to find for an interesting looking website: Balance Ph Diet (but they are selling water alkalisers…)

But also look here for a contrary view (and they’re not trying to sell anyting…)

‘The term “alkaline diet” has also been used by alternative medicine practitioners, with the proposal that such diets treat or prevent cancer, heart-disease, low energy levels as well as other illnesses. These claims are not supported by medical evidence and make incorrect assumptions about how alkaline diets function that are contrary to modern understanding of human physiology.’

Click here for more Wikipedia Alkaline Diet