Day 56

Still feeling good.

Feeling good again today, almost back to normal if it wasn’t for energy levels. I don’t have the staying power! But I spend the day up at the barn working on the bus. I’ve got one last bit of welding to do, a challenging little job remaking the bottom of the front windscreen frame. The original pressing has compound curves so with the basic tools I’ve got (angle grinder, vice, hammer, mig welder) it takes a little cunning to do it.

First though I do a bit of a tidy up. I’ve not been here for a couple of months and not much as the building works at the studio took over in the winter. I love it up here; space, wind, weather, light. And room to make a lot of mess.

I’m hoping I can get at least 4 or 5 days up here each two weeks between chemo sessions. I’ve got a lot to get on with. I need my bus back on the road, and there are some mods to do to the boat particularly if I don’t put it back in the water. No shortage of things to do.

In the evening watch another episode of ‘Breaking Bad’ – the main character fesses up to his cancer. The session with the oncologist sounds familiar… Odd to think that had I watched this 3 months ago I’d just have thought it part of the plot…