Day 60


I didn’t sleep well last night, so feeling a bit frazzled today. It’s the stimulant effect of the steroids again I think, and I couldn’t get to sleep. But then I don’t need steroids to cause me short night sleep sometimes anyway so it doesn’t really matter.

I feel pretty good, little bit sick, nothing important. It’s another really beautiful clear blue sky morning. And is going to be hot. I take it easy for a few hours reading up on ph testing and other stuff.

Then head off to the barn, where have a good day working on the bus again, this time getting the second coat of paint on the main body. It looks good, despite the struggles with the paint and the drag marks that still form despite using 20% paint conditioner, a dash of linseed oil, and the perfectly warm air temperature.

There was one small fiddly bit of welding to do, on the quarter light window frame which I’d missed before so I tackled that and had to patch the primer and undercoat back in but the paint dried so quickly it didn’t really hold me up too much.

The weather forecast looks good, and if I feel up to it over the next three days I might even get the painting finished. And then I can start putting all the bits back on…

Back home I made some supper, salmon rice and cabbage from the garden but I couldn’t really taste the food so that was a bit disappointing. And I began to feel despondent in general, but realised it was because I was just exhausted so went to bed.