Day 61

Full Face.

Another beautiful May morning, the sea golden in the sunrise. Church bell chiming time, the odd seagull chatter and the collar doves cooing out there somewhere. A nice way to wake up.

I feel okay, slightly thickheaded, dehydrated I think, and slightly crampy to the stomach. Chemical mouth. I need to drink something. I need to drink a lot.

A note on my body acid/alkaline state, I found some advice online that the best time to test one’s urine to indicate your inner body condition is waking, preferably after six or seven hours sleep. Doing this on day 59 gave me a pH 8 which is excellent, but yesterday it was back to 6.5 though I’d only slept for an hour and a half having had a pee in the night. Today I scored 7 after a reasonable sleep although my pee very cloudy. But these readings are a bit more encouraging, and maybe indicate that my diet is moving in the right direction. The idea of testing your pH throughout the day sounds interesting, as it gives an indication of the effect of what you eat and drink, but the morning test after a night of sleep gives the best general reading.

Spent a frustrating couple of hours trying to sort out email accounts. Had to give up in the end despite having spoken to Apple for an hour with some glitch in the system somewhere. I’ll come back to it tonight and start again.

Lunch up at the barn, quinoa and salmon salad. Flattened down yesterday’s paint – it goes well, and I get the final coat on the main body and the second coat on the cab. The bus is looking pretty good. And I’m so happy to have got this done.

There is obviously an element of madness about doing this work, and the paint fume environment isn’t ideal for someone with a chemical overload. I do have a very good fullface filter mask, and wear protective painting overalls and gloves, so I think I’m fairly well protected. And this is the end of the painting job, it should get less toxic from now on…