Day 62

Chemo kick-in.

Wake up feeling ok, bit thick headed but fine.

Another lovely day, perfect for getting the last coat of paint on the bus. But before that I have to get in some supplies, and I visit Morrab library to photograph some early copies of the Cornishman covering the storms in January and February. The librarian promised to give me the old copies probably next month when they have a clear out.

I call round to Chapel House, the old Penzance Arts Club, to see Susan. I had wanted to photograph some remnants of living on the walls of one of the rooms upstairs. I’d spoken to her before about it, but she didn’t really know what I was looking at. I took my tripod and planned to use her good digital camera, but actually began to feel rapidly unwell and sweaty when I got there, and everything rather fell apart, we agreed to try again next week.

I went home, and lay down for a bit. Ah well this is the chemo kicking in. I’ve had a good clear run but now it’s catching up with me.

After a rest I get up and make some lunch. And I head up to the barn where I spend the afternoon slowly working on the wood burner flue for the bus. More angle grinders and welding, but I’m moving in a bit of a daze and not enjoying it, I feel pretty sick. John called by, and it’s good to see him. He is very encouraging and impressed that I’m managing to get on.

The wonderful weather continues all day, it’s warm and mild very little wind and I stop frequently to sit in the chair in the sunshine and drink mint tea. It’s not so bad.

Back home, I’m exhausted and I can’t face eating, but do heat up some chicken soup which I manage to get down. I can’t taste anything.

Bed’s the place to be…