Day 63


I had a pretty rough night, and feel rather clubbed this morning. I guess it’s same pattern, the steroids have worn off and I’m down in the dumps of chemo chemicals. I’ll have to take it easy today, but I’m very happy to have achieved so much over the last week.

It’s another beautiful sunny day, but the last of the high-pressure. Hot by mid morning, and I headed down to Battery Beach with my towel and a book, and go for my first swim of the year. Cold! But delicious. I spend two hours down there, reading and sunning, and I meet a sweet gentle man called Dave, he’s playing a few tunes I know on his mandolin.  He lives just around the corner from me, and we arrange to meet up sometime to play together.

Back home, I’m hungry and make a chicken stirfry, which I eat in the garden again in the sun. It’s quiet and peaceful, and beautifully warm.

In the afternoon I’m back up at the bus of course, finishing the wood burner flue I’ve been making, and getting the final coat of paint on the cab. That’s it! The painting’s over. Now I just have to start refitting all the doors and windows and lights and other bits…

Home for the evening, and feeling not great, achy and a bit nauseous. I can’t think what to eat, but make another stirfry with brown rice, and quite enjoyed it. I then have a big bowl of strawberries and blueberries with yoghurt and seeds. I’m not sure what I’m tasting, but the food looks very pretty.