Day 64


Woke up feeling achy all over really. Legs abdomen head. Ugh! I need a slow and gentle start to the day, I’m not going anywhere this morning and stay in bed for two hours reading. Of course it’s still early, 7am, as I woke up at 5. I like being up this early, the town is quiet outside, I can just hear birds.

Where am I? I guess in the middle of the chemo slump 6 days after the shot. It’s no surprise that I feel rubbish, and I’ll have to just go with it.

Well, I get up eventually and potter about. I spend maybe two hours on the computer, fiddling with this website. It’s still only 10am.

I decide it’s time to sort out the jumble of clothes and tidy away stuff in the new bathroom, not done since shifting everything upstairs. It’s funny, I don’t think I’ve ever had time before to be so organised at home…

I’d hoped to get up to the bus this afternoon, but still feel rotten at midday and decide to stay here. I think I can face eating and make a big stirfry for lunch which I eat in the garden. The sun is watery today but it’s warm.

Tidying up becomes the order of the day, and I spend the afternoon in the garden weeding and clearing the paths and moving some bags of garden rubbish, then reorganise the shed.  This is all happening in slow motion really, I don’t feel up to anything else but I’m happy doing this. The garden is beginning to look really amazing. Everything is growing; the potatoes are coming up, the beans are coming on, the herbs are rampant, little seedlings just peeping out…

I eat a bowl full of strawberries and blueberries, almonds hazelnuts and seeds with yoghurt and just enjoy being outside. My mind idles over the idea of an outdoor kitchen and where I might put it. It’s just a little courtyard garden and everything has to find its place.

Marta calls early evening, to discuss what to do about the Barcelona medical connection, the Khuab Institute. Here’s a link to their website (you may have to google translate it).

I’ve mentioned it before; it’s a integrated oncology centre and obviously run by inspiring people. Two friends of Marta who suffered cancer had treatment from them and recommended it. So we’ve been interested to know what they can offer. What they’re offering at the moment is a Skype consultation, at a price of €200! That’s quite a lot of cash, and my feeling is that if I’m going to pay for professional advice on a supportive or integrative approach to treatment then I should find somewhere here in the UK.

The cancer directory that Jane McL got for me is produced by a similar centre in Bristol, perhaps offering much of the same advice. Maybe it’s time to take a look at this.

I spend the evening up at Billy’s, who cooks a magnificent supper of mackerel, rice and lentils, and we sit down and discuss everything under the sun… It’s a very good to see him and spend some time.