Day 65


Got up early and tinkered with this diary website.  Almost ready to go live now…

Feeling ok, legs are a bit achy and sore stomach. But ok. The morning goes by fast with Jemma coming back to help with some more cleaning, this time tackling upstairs with mop and bucket…looks great when she’s done!

Heavy rain this morning hammering on the skylights and watering the garden…

Charlie comes over too with the remade curtains to go round the day bed.  She carefully irons them first and then we hang them. They look great and will work very well making the day bed a place to sleep without the glare from the skylights, and in effect making a temporary room at that end of the mezzanine. It makes a change from the blue curtains round the hospital beds. Thank you Charlie!

I try to help with things but am feeling pretty rubbish so just a make cups of tea for the workers.

Lunch is fried eggs on a little multigrain toast with flax oil and a large garden salad and a beetroot from Noelle’s up at the barn.

Back to Annie Hatfield at 3pm for another acupuncture session. I pretty much fall asleep on the couch as she quietly and carefully moves around me placing needles and gently holding wrists and feet.  A gentle pull on my legs.  I can feel the place of the needles and have tingle sensations in my palms and feet for a moment. We’re concentrating on blood flow balance and sleep.

Alison comes over for supper and we cook up mackerel and pilchard brown rice and garden spring greens. And watch another episode of ‘Breaking Bad’ which this time is all about the family trauma of cancer and the right of the sufferer to choose to have treatment or not, all set against the background of crystal meth! Crazed…