Day 67


Wake up feeling alright – sort of neutral neither good nor bad, just here.  I can live with that.

Mum and Dad are coming to see me this morning, driving down through heavy rain by  the looks of it.

I spend the first part of the morning looking over this website and preparing some email lists to send the link out to – family and friends far and wide, some who know some who don’t. I’m a bit nervous doing this – these writings have been more or less private until now.  But I think its ready so here goes…

M & D arrive and bring pastries, homemade spelt rolls, olive tapenade, strawberries and plants for my garden – tomato, squash, a sage bush.  How lovely!  We have coffee (I have Yannoh) and look around the new improvements upstairs.  They say all the right things.  Dad tries out the massage chair but I think its too strong for him, and although he laughs a lot which is GOOD I don’t think its that enjoyable.  Maybe it needs more padding to make it a bit more gentle for an older back. Maybe it could be more gentle for my back.

Mum asks me to help her with her iPad which isn’t sending emails.  I try to sort it but failed, and then also failed to understand how to activate a movie download from Amazon that she wanted to show to grandchildren which I was trying to install for her.  This put me out of sorts and into a spin.  What’s happening?  I’m fine when things go well, but when things, even small things like this, go wrong I get knocked off balance and can’t cope.  This isn’t like me.  Its the chemo head.

We drive over to St Just and meet up with Simon for lunch at the Cafe Dog and Rabbit.  We get special treatment from Alison and the crew of course and are served up a large plate Big Rabbit Salad with pomegranate seeds and two different dressings…I ruin this hand to health by ordering a Croque Madame but I can’t help it. Just delicious!

Simone is at the cafe with a group of friends.  Its great to see her – she has been fighting her own cancer battle for several years and is amazing – fully focused and fighting and fit, and looking good coming out of a second round of chemo.  We’ve not managed to catch up so meeting here is perfect.

Back home and I’m back in bed.  Its 4pm and I’ve run out of energy.  Being sociable is harder than I thought. Maybe I’ve not quite bounced back from the chemo yet. More torrential rain on the skylights is comforting.

After a rest I decide to send out the Lymphosite emails and concentrate on that for a bit. Off they go – see what happens.