Day 68


I write most of these entries the morning after and I’ve forgotten how yesterday started.  Its like a chemo hangover, my brain is fogged up.  Think think!

Ah yes, I woke at 6 after 6 1/2 hrs sleep and felt good.  No aches no sickness just a bit headachy. Looking forward to the day. I got up made hot water with lemon and my morning superfood drink with chia frogspawn (thanks Gillian!), aloe vera juice, glucosamine, vitamin D drop and blueberry smoothie (watered down a bit).  I put some organic oats in a pan with a little water and brought it to the boil then turned it off again and retired to my day bed, sitting up under the skylights with the drinks.

Then either with the iPad on my lap or the big computer screen on the over-bed table I check my emails and write up yesterday’s diary. After a while I reheat the porridge adding blueberries or wild blackberries from the freezer, maybe some goats yoghurt and half a teaspoon of honey, and take that back to bed. Though this morning its sliced strawberries that Mum brought yesterday .  It’s good to have a routine and after a three weeks of chemo this is it.

Well, until now this has been a quiet private time.  But today many of my friends are here with me! Your emails arrived overnight and arriving as I write.  Your responses to my diary pages, your comments and thoughts and care and concern and love…you’re knocking me out. I’m floating free of the ground, held up by you.  I can’t begin to explain how this feels.  Thank you all. Thank you.

They’re still coming 24 hours later crossing continents and time zones.  How did I get to know such lovely people?  What an amazing moment to be so connected to you all at the same time. I hadn’t anticipated this. The cancer doesn’t stand a chance.

The rest of the day is just a day.  I’m ordering steel to rebuild my boat trailer which has rusted out and is too dangerous on inspection to take even the 2 miles to Penzance Harbour. Then I drop the punctured wheel into the garage for repair. I take another load of rubbish from the barn to the local tip where I’m delighted when a whispy young fellow asks to have the old jerry can I’ve finally decided to throw out, perfect because I hated getting rid of it. I drive on to Camborne and find a 16mm galvanised pulley for the boat’s running mooring at MacSalvors and go on to the welding centre to buy more CO2 for my mig welder. I get back to Gulval and have a second lunch sitting in the bus in the barn, just happy. I make and fit a couple of aluminium patches over some rusted areas in the cab that I can’t repair any other way, and I lay out all the panels and doors for the bus ready for fitting.

It looks like what it is – a life sized Airfix model waiting for assembly and I’m the lucky boy who gets to play with it. Who wouldn’t be happy?

But it’s you my friends who have made me happy today. Thank you all again.

[Post Script: I’ve been told I don’t look that happy, and you’re right I look tired and puffy in the face, but believe me, I’m happy!  You’ll have to learn to tell the difference…]


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