Day 78


I wake up feeling wrecked but spend the morning with KW, in the first place working out how to get the water kefir culture going.  Elisabeth sent it down in a jam jar with K but we don’t know what to do with it.  What is water kefir?  Water kefir grains generally contain over 450 strains of beneficial yeast and bacteria, and you use them to produce a liquid rich in these probiotics which you drink.  It’s good for you!

Each day you strain the liquid off, rinse the grains and add more water to the jar with a little organic palm sugar, add some organic dried fruit apricot or fig and a fat slice of lemon, and off it goes. The culture consumes the sugar as it ferments producing the probiotic rich liquid, which is dry to taste not sugar sweet if left long enough. I was concerned about drinking a sugary liquid which might feed the cancer cells (thinking about the PET/CT scan radioactive sugar solution…) but it’s not like that. You’re basically making your own digestion supplement.  I like it.  I’m going to try it out.

We went to Marazion for the rest of the morning had breakfast over there, looking out over the Mount from the refurbished dining room of the Godolphin Arms.  KW said it feels like The Hamptons and she’s right, all that wood panelling and white paint; Marazion’s become like part of New England.

Back in Penzance, we managed to miss KW’s train by looking the wrong way at the wrong time.  There it goes.  Oh well, there’s another one at 2 and it’s direct to London, much better.  So we head to the bookshop on Market Jew Street and two good things happen.  Firstly there are two musicians dressed in gorilla and banana costumes playing cellos on the pavement, filling the street with classical sounds. Passers-by are delighted, and the music cuts above the growl of buses and greyness of the street. It feels like another town, another place. And to add to that, there is a new cafe opened, Cafe Boa, nice and simple inside and Spanish tapas type food.  Excellent.  Good for Penzance.

IMG_3832 - Version 2

In the afternoon I try to get on with some stuff. But I still feel rubbish.  I make a few phone calls, try to sort out some draft excluder foam tape for the bus, and I take the motorbike up to the barn for an hour or so to check a couple of details out.  My legs are really aching, and I’ve got a thick headache.  My eyes are stinging.  Go back home and take it easy.

Ali comes over later and we make a big chicken and broccoli stirfry and watch an episode of Breaking Bad.  It’s good to follow this parallel but nutty Cancer story unfold.  It puts it all into perspective.