Day 79


A slow day.  It’s hard to recall what happened so maybe just a slow mind.  Pretty sore today with no let up.  First off I tend the kefir, tasting it but it’s too sweet so leave it another day…it’s still bubbling and doesn’t look very appealing.

The day’s coming back to me.  I did some admin and ordering and bills in the morning. Met with Tup late morning at the Boa cafe, good to catch up, green tea and a sandwich. Still hungry back at home so had a fried egg on toast and garden salad. The eggs from my new neighbour Jo’s chickens out on the Lizard, fresh laid lovely yellow yolks, thank you!

Hoped to get to the barn but just didn’t make it, too tired I think. Pottered about rather listlessly.  Picked up the old Cornishman back-copies from the Morrab Library  on the way to my acupuncture session with Annie, kind of them to keep them for me.  Acupuncture was quite intense in that I could feel every needle and was a bit jumpy, over sensitive.

Bumped into Keith on Chapel Street about to view the house he’s renting there so went in with him. He’ll have an apartment on the top floor and offices and an office for the neighbourhood plan project too, open to the public. Great to hear this is all progressing.  Keith comes back to mine afterwards to continue our conversation over tea. I’m wondering how I can help. The Seafront Forum website is still there but I see it’s no longer showing embedded documents. It needs attention and I don’t know if I’ve got the energy and headspace for it. I’ll have to see. The truth is I need help with it.

I manage a few emails, I’m still behind in my replies.  And a long phone call with Teresa which is nice.  Later, Jane McL calls by for soup and a chat.  It’s been a day for friends.