Day 81


That’s better. Feeling fairly ok and coming out of it at last.  I’m back up – just normal after the rather horrid week before.

Spend the morning ordering stuff for the bus and some bits and pieces for the boat.

Lunch up at the barn.  Neil T called by on another research trip down here into remnant radioactivity in St Ives.  He’s in good spirits having given up his lecturing post at Manchester and has many ideas for the future, including possibly moving to Cornwall.  He’s got his double bass in the car and is staying at the Tinners Inn in Zennor, planning to play at the fiddle session tonight.  I have to explain I’m avoiding crowds – a shame because I feel well enough to go and join in.

I work on the boat in the sunshine, installing two more buoyancy bags in the bows which in addition to what is already installed should make recovering from a capsize a straightforward operation.  Last summers capsize tests with Richard Bk give me great confidence in this little boat, in that we demonstrated that it could righted in a matter of minutes even single handed.  It feels good to be working on the boat.  There’s not so much to do, everything’s held up well from last year, and I’m going to try getting her back in the water this weekend.

Back home mid evening, a long chat to Billy whose back from Ireland, and to Si who drops by and helps me with a broken hard drive for my computer…

A good day, and four clear days ahead before the next chemo shot.  That’s good.  Before going to bed I check the tides forecast and plan to get up at 4.30am to lift out the running mooring lines in order to clean and service them up at the barn.