Day 83


I’m feeling fine. Working in the garden for an hour, planting tomatoes out and courgettes, some plants from Mum and some I’ve brought on.  It’s a bit of a panic, I thought things were getting enough rain but everything is dried out.  I rip out a lot of rocket which has got out of hand, I can’t keep up despite my daily salads.  Do what with it?  Soup?  Pesto?  I’m getting the hang of making things grow, but how do you stop them or slow them down or stop them swamping other plants?

Up to the barn in the morning, and work on the boat fitting a heavy duty stainless steel ring through the bow stem. This is for hauling the dinghy out of the water up a beach or slipway using inflatable boat rollers and a couple of pulleys, useful for making longer trips in the boat so you can pull up on a beach and relaunch rather than riding at anchor.  I’d been planning to sail this summer from Pz round the Lizard to the Helford River and beyond to the Fal.  Well, it could still happen. Get the boat back in the water first and see how it feels to be out there…

Spend the day tinkering really, servicing the cleats, oiling and greasing. Taking things apart and putting back together.

The fellow I saw yesterday with the dreads is back, with his girlfriend.  They’ve taken on Sam’s polytunnels and vegetable plot next to the barn.  This is good news; Sam had such a hard winter with the storms he decided he’d had enough, and I’ve missed the passing conversations and talk about growing.  The sight of the weeds taking over so fast and all Sam’s hard work unravelling has been quietly upsetting me.  Trevellyan and Becky, or Yurty I think she said he sometimes calls her, seem really nice; gentle land folk who live in a van on a field somewhere by the sounds of it.  They love the bus and we talk Mercedes 608’s and Morris FG’s for a bit.

It’s been a normal day.