Day 84


I feel very well today – feel like me!

Up to the barn early with a plan to paint the name on my sailing boat.  I haven’t given names to things in the past, and its a bit of joke that its just ‘the bus’ or ‘the boat’ or whatever.  Anyway, I do have a name for the boat – its Marin-Marie.  A French name.  I like that convention where they hyphenate two christian names together and interestingly sometimes both boy-girl names like this.  Marin is a family name now of course with Ben and Isa’s little boy Marin in Brittany.  Marin – Sailor.

Marin-Marie is also the name of a French maritime artist, painter of boats but also a sailor of boats and who was the second Frenchman to sail single handed across the Atlantic back in the 1930s.  He’s an interesting character; artist, writer, inventor, and he lived in a house on the coast of Normandy overlooking Mont Saint Michel.  So with Mounts Bay and Saint Michaels Mount being my home waters this seems like a good name for a sail boat in Penzance.

My day is happily disrupted by a trip the Cafe Dog & Rabbit to have an early lunch with Jane L and Sarah, Richard and baby Flora – 2 weeks old and mouse quiet.  Lovely lunch – lovely baby!

Then back to the barn to finish the name painting.  I try stencilling the letters but paint bleeds behind the paper template and I have to wipe it off and start again.  In the end I just trace the letters with pencil onto the hull and hand paint them.  Enjoyable concentration.  The font is called Moulin Rouge.

And another fun thing happens – Noelle asks if I’d be on hand to help her transfer a swarm of bees she’s got in a cardboard box into one of her bee hives.  She’s persuaded the swarm into the box from a hedgerow nearby, and so we don bee keeper helmets and armed with smoker and camera we approach the hives.  I’ve never been this close to bees – fascinating, and the swarm is deftly dropped into the bee hive and lidded, and the stragglers encouraged to go in too.  We can see them signalling by buzzing and vibrating with their abdomens up in the air to attract the others to where the queen is.  I’ve made some video of this but need to edit it before posting it up here – come back later!