Day 85

Easing up.

Last of the easy days before tomorrow’s chemo shot.  Lots to do.  Up to the barn early and splice on the new carabiner to the mooring line.  That’s it, all ready.

Then get on with works on the bus.  Fit the new windscreen wiper cowl with self tappers and soft foam strip for easy removal, final fit the new stainless woodburner flue roof-plate screwed and glued with CT1.  Fix the new skylight in place.  And then start refitting the repainted dashboard which is looking smart.  Love the plum colour, and think that maybe the fitted cupboards in the back of the bus could be painted cream and plum to match…

Made a delicious and very pretty rocket and potato soup with all the rocket crop picked yesterday.  An excellent supper – so that’s what you do with an excess!

I’ve enjoyed the last couple of days.  I feel well, better that before the treatment started.  I’m beginning to get curious about the results of the next round of PET/CT scans on the 20th.  Will they show the cancer on the retreat?