Day 86

Chemo No. 4

On the 7.40 to Truro.  The two foul mouthed lads in suits are in the same carriage again cussing and blinding and amusing themselves.  Penzance youth, aye?

I filter it out and watch Mounts Bay go past, fresh south westerly and big  storm clouds with sun between.

The day goes well.  Siobhan takes my bloods, and I see Dr Kruger who’s upbeat and quick.  The good news is that my blood count is on the rise, my haemoglobin is up and I understand this is a sign that the cancer is on the retreat.  My weight is also definitely up, 3kg since the treatment started.  No back pain at all the last two weeks and the exzema really almost all gone.  Chest cough a thing of the past.  We discuss the cloudy urine I’ve experienced on day 3 of the last two sessions and Dr K agrees that it might well be fragments of dead cancer cells…

We also discuss the chest pain I experieced on day 4 after last chemo.  The ECG and bloods done then show no problems as I understood at the time.  Dr K thinks is might have been the lymphoma mass in in my chest complaining at being battered by the Chemo drugs.  Well, I can live with that!

So, then on to the Headland Unit and a wait of an hour and half for a free chair.   Once I’m in the ward all goes smoothly and quickly – all the steroids, the saline and the chemo drugstake 4 1/2 hours with no delays.  I feel ok – do some reading, try to write a few emails on the iPad, tinker with another Chemohead track but don’t get very far with it.  Anyway, the time passes… All the staff are great and it’s a relaxed atmosphere though busy.

Marta is working a shift in a ward somewhere and gets in touch to see if she can take me home rather that Alison coming from Penzance for me.  This works out fine, and we drive back together in her van, warm air streaming in and the sun still warm.  Thanks Marta!

Back home and Alison has let herself in and is making supper.  I’m hungry and we eat grilled salmon and fresh broad beans and rice… then we both fall asleep at about 8.30pm on the day bed – the idea had been to watch another episode of ‘Breaking Bad’ but completely conked out before that happened.  For me it’s a releif because although the day has gone well, the drugs kick in quickly and my legs are aching and jumping and I begin to feel somewhat sick.  Sleeps the thing.