Day 87


Up early after a pretty good sleep in three chapters…and feeling ok – steroids pumping and anti-nausea tablets keeping it calm.

I’m keen to get on and make the most of feeling alright.  Richard B gets in touch suggesting a sail in his Wayfarer this evening.  I wonder if he’d be up for helping me get Marin-Marie in to the water as the tides will be just right.  Yes – no problem, so we have a plan.

It’s a warm morning and I get down to Penwith Marine Services to buy some stainless fixings I need for the bus.  Then up to the barn and spend an hour or two getting the the last bits on to the boat and securing to the trailer.

Then I get on with some more bus works but I’m mostly just excited about getting the boat launched.  I head back to Pz with the boat in tow at about 5pm, and park up beside the Yatch Club slipway.  The rowing gigs are all getting ready to go out – a new rowers training session I’m told.  I walk back to Abbey Street to collect the mast for the boat – the plan is to raise it before lauching and maybe I’ll just get the boat onto my mooring and sail with Richard and Lisa.  But I call Si who agrees to come and sail!  Yay!  It’s all coming together.  There’s a small panic when I check the sail halyards are running – the main sail halyard’s jammed solid!  What’s happened?  Ah ha, clogged with sand from the winter storm capsize in the harbour in Decemeber just before the boat came out of the water, and I’m ashamed to say that I hadn’t inspected the mast until now.   Anyway, freed off and oiled and it ran fine.

Back at the slip, Richard and Lisa are there and Si turns up just as we complete setting the mast.  I reverse the trailer down the slip and everything goes according to plan.  She’s afloat and tied up on the pontoon for rigging and then Si rows us out of the harbour and we pull up the sails and…the wind just disappears!  Ha!  Well, it does come back but its fickle and faint but we’re sailing, and so are R and L in their Wayfarer.  It’s a really lovely evening, and we’re the only two sails out in the bay.  Beautiful.  I feel very happy.

PICT0020 (1) - Version 2

But in all the excitement I forget about the tides and too late think of getting back onto my mooring.  Sure enough as we cruise into the harbour there’s no way, and we have to row back to the slip and tie up alongside the pontoon – happily there’s space and I feel sure MM will be fine there overnight.  It’s been great, and this little adventure is all part of it.


I drive the trailer back to the barn and finally get home – what a brilliant day!