Day 88


I’m awake at 5am, and the sun’s shining clear blue skies and no wind.  I’m feeling a bit thin on the ground but alright.  A quick morning juice and grab some fruit and oatcakes and some 70% chocolate, a bottle of water and head down to the harbour to see what’s happening with Marin-Marie.

All’s well – there she is as we left her.  There’s no one about and the town’s barely waking up.  I cast off and row down the Albert Pier channel.  At the mouth of the harbour its an easy decision to just keep rowing out into the bay.  So peaceful, calm water, no wind, warm sun, Penzance and the Scillonian looking lovely…

I row out to the Gear Pole and half heartedly try some hand-lining for mackerel but no joy.  It’s a fiddle trying to fish and row, and I start to ponder how to make fishing easier when sailing too.  The hand-line is awkward to wind in and out when tacking even if there’s crew like Si last night.  It needs a better solution and I start thinking of a making up some sort of winding reel…hmmm.

Anyway, I’m getting hot and hungry too, so row back into harbour and moor up.  The refurbished running lines work a treat – so much easier with the new pulley block out there.

SAM_2756 - Version 2

I’m very happy to have the boat back in the water.  We’ll have to see about sailing on my own – it should be ok but I’ll just choose my days – its just if things go wrong have I got the strength and stamina to cope?

Anyway, back up to the barn and I have a good day fitting up exterior bits and pieces to the bus – its beginning to look more purposeful and complete.  So much so that I decide to book the MOT for two weeks tomorrow – a deadline!  I work on til after 8pm, so warm what an evening.  And I make a start on the hand-line reel I was dreaming up this morning…more of that tomorrow.

Funny thing – back home I don’t feel hungry.  I had a big salad lunch, and the evening’s still warm and I just don’t feel like eating.  I wander down to check on the boat, its low tide and she’ll be on the sand and a good time to check the tension of the mooring lines.  There’s a huge moon rising over the Lizard.

Cleaning up I decide to trim off my bristly chin – and my 4 day beard is almost completely white.  Weird,  that’s happened fast.  There was some grey in it before, a few days ago I’m sure, but now its white.  Some head hair is still dark though and there’s no sign of it falling out anywhere – just a white beard!  Chemo chamelion…