Day 91


Spent the morning in my day bed, reading.  Yup, feeling achy especially my legs.

I speak to Ali at the Dog & Rabbit, gearing up for a busy Sunday.  Later in the morning Delpha calls – can she help with shopping?

Ian of Southwest Autoglass calls and they can come on Monday.  Got up to the barn just before lunch, to make sure everything is ready for the glass fitting tomorrow.  Before starting work though, I take my lunch down to the stream in the woods.  The little clearing there is all overgrown, very beautiful greens, leafy, grassy.  I made a nice picnic; cherry tomatoes olive oil fried with garlic and onion and some rice, avocado and two hard-boiled eggs (thank you Jo’s chickens!) and rye bread.  It looks pretty and is fun to eat but I still can’t taste anything.

After eating I doze on the blanket but have to move into the shade, it’s too hot in the sun.  All I can hear is the trickling stream and breeze in the trees above.  It’s very peaceful.  If I was smart I’d just stay here all day.

Back at the barn I cut a piece of white acrylic for one of the side windows. And sort out some interior cladding where the windows go.  Then I’m on to refitting the headlights and indicators.  This job is easier to do with the glass out as I can reach through both inside and outside the cab.  Fitting the lights immediately makes the bus look purposeful.

I am suddenly excited about getting the bus back on the road and I’m overcoming my frustration at not being able to complete the glass fitting myself.  Having the guys to help tomorrow will be a great boost.  There’s a dwindling list of jobs after that, and I think we’ll make that MOT date.

But it’s been a slow and rather painful afternoon, my arms and legs are aching and my sore hands feel stiff and clumsy.

Home early and early to bed.