Day 92


Up early and off to the barn and bus to make sure everything is ready for the glass guys.  Ian comes at 10.30 and slowly makes a start.  Phil arrives an hour later.  By then Ian has got three or four panes fitted in the rubbers but they need sealing and the filler strips putting in.  The guys have a gentle banter which I like.  I leave them to it and get on with fitting headlights and taillights.  It’s great to see the glass going back in, it makes a proper vehicle of it suddenly – the inside’s the inside and the outside the outside, and that’s the whole point of a camper like this – being both inside and outside.  I know that sounds stupid, but that’s where I want to be this summer.

My energy levels flag pretty quickly and the aches take over.  I make tea and take time out.  They boys keep at it and don’t stop for lunch.   By 4.30 they’re pretty much done and they’ve worked hard. It’s physical and skilled work and I couldn’t have done it feeling as I am.  Predictably there’s a little tussle about cash money payment but I think we get it sorted out so everyone’s happy.

The bus looks great.  Wow.  It’s pretty much done just a bit more tweaking here and there, and the brakes to tighten up.  Hopefully Si will come and help me with this for an afternoon.

Ali calls and as it’s turned into a sunny evening and there’s a breeze coming up we decide to take Marin-Marie out for a sail.  We make a surprisingly stylish exit from the harbour hoisting sail on the move and jibing out into the bay which is relatively busy with yachts and dinghy racing but we cruise through it all into empty waters.  Nice sailing with force 3 and full sail, fresh air and sea spray.  We don’t stay out for too long, and it’s good to get back to the mooring at high tide with the water so high you can pretty much just step onto the quay…which is what you’d want to do in those Santa Cruz sunglasses.


It’s been a good day.