Day 96


7.30am Dad drives me down to Derriford and the mobile PET/CT scan unit.  It’s easy and quick this time and my hour waiting while the chemicals circulate my system flashes by.  Called into the scanner room I lie on the scan bed and am told we are going to wait for 5 minutes before the start to exactly match the time of the previous scan.  Ok by me.  I’m comfortable and find I can relax in these strange environments quite well – but sometimes I feel like I’m in some cheap Science Fiction movie about to be beamed to another planet.  I also realise now’s my chance to take a photo of myself with the scanner so reach for my phone…no one notices as they’re in the other room reading instruments…snap snap.

After the scan I find a bus to the train station and head back to Pz.  I’m still on the same planet, and the radioactive sugar solution makes me feel a bit rough and I can’t stay awake.  I finally find a position to wedge myself in across two seats that allows me to sleep without my head nodding painfully and I crash for at least an hour, waking as we approach Mounts Bay.

Jane McL pops by for lunch and we make a colourful leafy salad from the garden with nasturtium flowers in it which cheers us both up, and have a large mug of Yannoh in the shade of the bay tree, its just too hot in the sunshine.

I get up to the barn for a couple of hours to weld extension tubes to the side mirror arms for the bus, and fit the windscreen wipers, new cowling, and front numberplate.  I think that’s it – all the parts refitted to make the vehicle roadworthy.

David arrives from London on the 5.15 and I pick him up and bring him back to the bus for tea and for me to finish getting some etch primer on the mirror arms.  Dave snoozes in the bus in the sunshine.

In the evening we barbecue some mackerel and aubergine in the garden and have a whole evening outside in the warm air.  Lovely.

IMG_4132 - Version 2