Day 98


Up early and get on with some admin stuff until David wakes at 9. Then we head over to St Just and have breakfast at the Dog & Rabbit, sitting outside in the sunshine, enjoying a plate of poached eggs tomatoes and mushrooms. Alex comes in for breakfast too, and Mandy just as we are leaving. Everyone is blissed out on the weather, even Alex who claims to hate the sun.

Then we drive along the north coast road to Morvah and head up onto the moors to find Men-an-tol, the Neolithic stones that align perhaps with the winter solstice, or is a monument to fertility – I don’t know. Anyway it’s a lovely but hot walk up there and of course it’s impossible not to see the resemblance with the other donuts I’ve been experiencing last week – silly but irresistible to take that shot…


Back in Pz the tide is just right for an afternoon sail and the breeze is coming up a little.  We cruise easily out of the harbour Dave on the helm, marvelling that it’s been 30 years since he sailed.  But he’s comfortable with it and that’s fun for me too.  We potter about the bay heading for the Mount, then heave to for lunch.  I’ve got the fishing line out and manage to snag it as we drift on a lobster pot buoy, loosing the hooks and weight – curses! Not paying attention.  Oh well, I’ve been wanting to upgrade the fishing tackle, and that trace with the red feathers hadn’t attracted any fish – the mackerel seems to go for the white feathers or silver metal lures.  And we catch up with the Barnabus, the old lugger that Richard B sails on sometimes, but not today.  She looks wonderful and we have a jolly shouted exchange of greetings with the crew.

IMG_4226 - Version 2

Later we pick up one of the visiting yacht moorings outside the Harbour and swing there, lying in the sun.  The wind picks up and we have a final thrash out and back to the harbour and return in good time for the tide and for my energy levels.

For supper I make us a cabbage soup from the garden with sage and marjoram, garlic, onion, potato, chicken stock and olive oil, with Parmesan on top.  Delicious!  And I’ve still got three huge cabbages to get through before they turn to leather.