Day 100

All Ok.

Feeling ok. Got up to the barn and sorted out the back brakes on the bus – on closer inspection I see I’d got the brake pads muddled although I’d labelled them up when I removed them. Maybe they were on wrong when I bought that the landrover axle off eBay as it had been stripped by someone else.  Anyway the pad adjusters wouldn’t work so I jacked up the back axle and had both hubs off then the pads off and had a proper look. It finally made sense and I reassembled both sides and now the sponginess in the brake pedal is gone and they feel firm and strong.

I tightened the new handbrake cable while under there and that seems good too.  Then took the bus for a spin down the farm lane and tried the brakes, and all seems ok.  Back at the workshop I fitted the mirrors with their newly painted arms.  I think we’re ready for that MOT.

Mum calls; she was concerned about the scare of yesterday’s scan results but she enjoyed the Mungo Jerry track!  Apparently we all loved that in the early 70’s;  four little boys happily jumping around to it.  That’s a sweet thought.  Chu chu chu Ohh!

Then I drive up to Truro and Treliske for blood tests.  Bump into Dr Kruger in Haematology and we have a quick chat. He’s happy with his decision to proceed and is debating when to schedule the extra PET scan – 4 or 6 weeks on.  Siobhan takes the bloods and I’m off.

Back in Pz the tide and wind is good so go for a sail with Ali whose back in Pz after doing cafe errands, and out we go one reef in and the reduced sized jib again which I’ve raised off the deck with a short strop so I can see under it as there’s no window panel in it.  And it shapes better now too but I think it’s still not a very good cut.  Great to experiment with though, and the wind builds to a solid force 4 and Marin Marie feels well balanced.  It’s lovely out there, lively and lots of spray flying in the sunshine, but we don’t stay out too as it’s at the limit of what Ali is comfortable with and of probably what I should be doing too come to think of it.

We take a couple of little bottles of beer (non alcohol for me) and tortilla crisps down to the evening sun bathing the South Pier.  Penzance looks lovely in this light.