Day 101


Feeling ok again – the steroids doing their thing.

The long hot weather is breaking today – big wind and cloud coming in.  Stuck at the computer doing admin for half the morning but then up to the barn to grease the front suspension road springs and steering joints and hope to take up some play in the king pins – always a bit of a worry at the MOT test.

Whilst crawling under the bus I notice a small pool of diesel under the tank.  The drain plug washer is failing, so drain the tank and take the opportunity to try to stop the slight weeping of diesel through a small rust patch on the underside too, which involves stripping paint and rust and applying fibreglass filler and paint – just a bit of last minute fettling I hope – I don’t want to replace that tank yet if I can help it.

Back to hospital in the afternoon for more blood tests, and to pick up my latest CT and PET scans from the the Disclosures office.  I’ll find some time to look at these soon and hope to post some images up too.

The records library here is all printed matter and on an impressive scale.  Interesting that its not all gone digital…