Day 102

Scan man.

Really heavy rain this morning cleaning the skylights…the sound woke me at 5am clearing my head.  Feeling alright.

Well it’s a relaxed day – nowhere I particularly have to be; five hospitals visits in a week is a lot.

I spend some time looking at the latest PET/CT scans I picked up yesterday, and doing a lay-persons comparison with the first set.  It appears that a great deal of the original show of cancer cells has gone, but I’m not sure exactly what I’m looking at of course.

PET WB Screenshot.0002 - Version 2 1st one

The above are from the first scans before chemo treatment began in April – with strong shows of cancer cells in chest and spine.  The glowing areas are where the radioactive sugar solution is taken up by the cancer cells – though not all of the areas – there’s no cancer in my brain or bladder.

PET WB Screenshot.0002 - Version 2

Last weeks scan has much reduced shows in the chest and spine.  Me and my body, be well. (Click to enlarge the images)

On more day to day matters, I spoke to the harbour master about the mooring and he’s being very helpful, putting it in my name and sure he can find someone to take it temporarily for this season at least.  That’s a relief, and gives me time to think, and dream.

Up to the barn briefly to put more paint on the fuel tank and double check a couple of things, and put the battery on charge just to make sure the bus starts tomorrow.

Back home Billy calls by for tea and chat, and I realise I’m just resting today and it feels good.  Time to idle.

What’s the tide and weather doing?  I take out Marin-Marie for an early evening sail in the gloom; the sailing club are out in force, racing round the buoys, spinnakers flying but I’m pottering about playing with a bungee cord holding the tiller to see if I can balance the sails to steer…enjoying the dark skies and gusty wind and the rain coming down.  I try out some new fishing gear – a vane that takes the line down rather than a lead weight – its seems to work well and it less of a problem when tacking as it doesn’t sink and snag on the bottom.  I catch a strange fish – an inch thick and twelve inches long like a cigar, green backed and silver bellied, what is it?  I put it back in the water.  I’ve snaped the barbs off the hooks as Si advised so you can throw back the little ones with little damage to their mouths – they just get a gasping look at another world and then off they go to the depths.