Day 104


Its Mazey Day in Penzance – a street festival full of music and stalls and food and fun. The last few years I’ve played music with the Busk Stop Crew but couldn’t organise it this year.  I thought about it but am actually relieved as the aches are mounting and I stay at home all morning venturing out at lunchtime when Graham and Ruth call by and we get some food and catch up with people in the street.  It’s a hot day and lively but after an hour or so I’m done in and head home.

A bit later I take Marin-Marie out into the bay for a gentle sail; a nice distraction.  It’s only a breeze with occasionally gusts but I leave the reef in the main sail and use the reduced jib – I don’t have the energy to fight the wind.

Very tired today.  Its hard to socialise – the aches are like a heavy flu, the sort one would probably retire to bed with, and stabbing pains in the legs sometimes and very sore knee joints and aching hands.  So far I’m resisting pain killers as I prefer to reduce the chemical load on my body, but I’m thinking about it.  At the hospital I’m sometimes asked to fill in a state of health questionaire and levels of pain are part of it.  Is it interfering with daily life?  It is.