Day 105


A rough night so its back on the pain killers today – ibuprofen for the aches which are becoming intense.  I get some quick relief from this and get up feeling more capable.  More festival in Penzance – it’s Quay Day which I always enjoy but today decide to skip it and head off in the bus first to the Dog & Rabbit for lunch and then down to Cot Valley and my usual spot just up from the cove.  It’s a beautiful day and I head down to the sea and scramble along the rocks away from the people to see if there’s any low-tide sand tucked under the cliffs.

Yes, I’m in luck, no piles of seaweed and no-one in sight so I strip off and swim amongst the smooth rounded granite boulders who are like my friends.  ‘What brought you here?’ people sometimes ask.  The granite I say, the granite.  The water is deliciously fresh and I float on my back cresting the little waves with my feet up, letting it all fall away.

Back at the bus a couple of hours later I have a second lunch – my taste is just beginning to return – glimmers of flavour its enough to make me hungry.  Then with the curtains half up and the bed screened off from the occasional passer-by and the back door wide looking over the ferns and stream to the sea, I sleep and read and sleep.

Simone and little Georgia call hello and we have a chat – she’s looking well and happy to be out in the day.

Early evening Alison comes down having finished up at the cafe, and we walk the coast path to meet Sarah S who has Milli with her, and baby Flora in a sling.  Lovely warm sun and gentle air.

Supper back at the bus and then early bed and deep sleep – waking in the night and hearing the haunting sound of Manx Shearwater seabirds flying along the cliffs – they use this strangled call to locate their nests apparently and I know this because an old chap came by the bus to talk about them earlier as he was planning to make a sound recording of them tonight.  The ‘Devil Birds’ he called them, and strange and unsettling they are too.