Day 107


A family gathering on the Lizard today.  It’s Aunt Sita’s 80th birthday celebration and the Hemel Pigotts have rented a large house on an estate near Mullion.  An all too rare meeting of the Pigott and Henson clans, with cousins over from Australia and Canada with lots of children running around.

It’s a beautiful hot day; lovely lunch and supper, great to see everyone and catch up.  I arrived a bit late in the bus, to much hilarity and applause!  The day whizzed by but time to talk to everyone.  I also had a chance to sleep and read in the garden during the afternoon, stretched out on the lawn.

And a sweet musical performance for Sita by the four Totnes Pigott nephews on violins and cello – delightful!  The youngest is what, two years old?!

And a very sinful chocolate fudge cake to finish us all off late afternoon, after which those with journeys to make drifted away but I stayed in the bus overnight, peaceful starry skied.